Oh dear! I can’t believe you’re two,
but I’m yet to write a poem for you.
I’m sorry it took me so long
to sing to you, this love song…

Do you remember that beautiful night?
When we fell in love at first sight?
When your first breath gave me that deep sigh?
When your first cry brought tears to my eyes?

Ours is a story of fear and hope.
Things went wrong,
but we stayed strong.
When the starless sky was heavy with clouds,
your face came shining like the full moon.

I wish I could hold you everyday of my life;
raining kisses on your chubby cheeks, cuddling you as you lean on my shoulders,
caressing you as you recline on my bosom…

Be patient with me, my dear son.
This is just the beginning
of our love story.
This is just the beginning
of my love song.

May Allaah protect you and preserve me
So we can tell this tale over and over again.


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