I have noticed how mild and gentle we sound when we admonish brothers and sisters who (for example) drink, party, fornicate or don’t pray regularly. It’s fine, don’t get me wrong! I’m just wondering why we don’t sound as mild when we talk to sisters about the hijab.

From personal experience, fulfilling all the conditions of hijab is not something that should be shoved down anyone’s throat because of the huge sacrifices, responsibilities and commitments attached to it (especially for new reverts).

When some of us started wearing the hijab, we were very funky with it. One auntie in my area used to call me “flakky baby, soji alhaja”! The reminders, books and lectures did help, but it takes a whole lot of internal and external jihad to finally get to that final level of conviction (Alhamdulillaah, Maa shaa Allaah)

So my humble advice to the hijab propagators is that they should take it easy. I prefer to see my sisters growing in a stepwise fashion until they reach the peak, than to see them going “upandan” like a sine wave!

And to you dear funky sister, whether your funkiness is praised or rebuked, you don’t have to take it personal. It’s just a sincere admonition from brethren who love you as much as they love themselves. That ultimate success is what we are all after (Quran chapter 24 verse 31).

May Allaah keep us firm on His path of rectitude. Aameen.


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