So, I’ve been writing a lot about sexualty these days and many people have been asking for more (you people are so naughty, lol!)

Someone recently asked me how women can be helped to achieve orgasm (face-palm!)

I’ll try to give a brief summary, pardon me, I’m not a certified sexologist. I hope the kids are asleep now, oya, let’s go!

*Foreplay. Lots of it. Abu, don’t feel disgusted to help ummu tickle her clit (that’s why we have ghuslu janaba and plenty of hand-wash soaps!)

*Nipple stimulation. It will helps to release the hormone that promotes the feeling of pleasure. Again, Abu, you know what to do! You can apply things like honey, ice-cream or chocolate to spice up the fun…

*Kegel exercises. Do these everyday!!! Especially if you’ve had a baby or more and the pelvic muscles have become weak. What is Kegel exercise? Imagine you’re on a long-distance journey, in a bus, and you feel like urinating and defaecating at the same time, but the driver wouldn’t stop for you? Squeeze the muscles down there the same way you would do on that bus, count 1-10, then relax. Then repeat. Kegels will help to strengthen the muscles responsible for orgasm, thereby making them more effective during the act of coitus. (For more information, please consult Professor Google!)

*Try a different posture. Of course! Why are you even complaining? If your coital posture, venue and time is always the same, blame yourself!!!

*Having said all these, note that 10% of women will not achieve orgasm in a lifetime (oops!). So, if you ever achieve one, congratulations!!!

Khadijah Sanni-Tijani


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